What is Valu Post ?

Valu Post is an innovative service that connects customers to local businesses to send items from one place to another.

How to write results posts in Facebook affiliate marketing groups and whose results should I promote?

Today I am going to give you a brief discussion about the role of result posts in content writing or how powerful it is for an affiliate marketer.

Some affiliate websites see Earnings / Card Visitors**$3.29 (an approximate number) What does it mean?

This figure represents the average amount of money that the website earns per visitor who clicks on an affiliate link.

affiliate dashboard recurring $ / rebill These two words are seen. What does this mean ? Let’s find out.

In affiliate marketing, the affiliate dashboard is where you manage your campaigns and monitor your performance.

In affiliate marketing, we see the word upsell when selecting products. What is this upsell ?

An upsell is a higher-priced product or service that is offered to a customer who has already expressed interest in a lower-priced product or service.